Business Web Pages

Business The following are some suggested pages to consider when creating business websites. Some pages may not be relevant to your situation.

  • Home Main page.
  • About Us A page that displays information about the company.
  • Product Categories One or more pages that display the categories and products to order.
  • Product List A single page with all the products available.
  • Services If the business is service oriented.
  • Contact Us Name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers and message from visitor.
  • Mailing List Mailing list signup for e-mails and newsletters.
  • Industry News News feed.
  • Articles A list of articles with information that relates to the industry or company.
  • Links Links to other sites.
  • Resources or FAQ/Help Resources, frequently asked questions and help screens.
  • Privacy and Security
  • Terms and Conditions Terms and conditions of sale and legal pages.
  • Shipping and Delivery How products are shipped.
  • Returns Return policies.
  • Testimonials Customer testimonials.
  • Awards Any awards the company or site has received.
  • Reviews Reviews about the company, site, etc.
  • Search Search the site.
  • E-Commerce Screen
  • Sitemap A page that shows the visitor all the pages on the site.

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