Music Web Pages

Music The following are some suggested pages to consider when creating music websites. Some pages may not be relevant to your situation.

  • Home Main page.
  • Music With albums, music samples, and ordering options.
  • Store A link to the online store.
  • News General news about the site and musicians.
  • News Feeds News from news feeds.
  • Events Upcoming and past gigs and events.
  • Maps Addresses and maps to gigs.
  • Photos Photo galleries.
  • Slideshows
  • Bio Biography of artist or band.
  • Contact Name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers and message from visitor.
  • Mailing List For emails and newsletters.
  • Comments Comments made about the artist or group entered by the artist or group.
  • Guestbook Online guestbook where people can leave comments.
  • Videos Online videos of the artist or band performing, misc.
  • Links Links to other sites.
  • Song List A list of songs that the artist or band plays.
  • Song Samples Samples of songs the artist or band plays at gigs.
  • Radio Stations a page with links to radio stations.
  • Search Search the site.
  • Sitemap A page that shows the visitor all the pages on the site.

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