Summary of Steps for Creating Personal Websites

Checklist The following are some suggested steps to consider when creating personal websites. This list is in the form of a checklist, and some steps may not be relevant to your situation.

Name: ___________________________________________

-1. Determine the Domain Name
-Check for Trademark Infringement (
-Check for Availability
-2. Select a Web Host
-3. Register Domain Name
-Setup through Host or other Registrar
-Get IP Address from the Web Host
-Have the Registrar point it to your Domain Name
-4. Setup Hosting Account
-5. Get Files and Information
-Pictures to Scan
-Music Files and Sound Files
-6. Build the Web Site
-Select a Template (if using Templates)
-Select Colors
-Select Fonts
-7. Test the Web Site in various Browsers and Screen Resolutions
-8. Setup Robots.txt
-9. Setup Custom Error Pages
-10. Upload the Web Site
-11. Setup E-mail Accounts on Host
-12. Setup E-mail Client on User's PC
-13. Setup FTP on Host
-14. Setup FTP Client on User's PC
-15. Train Customer on FTP, E-mail and Host Access

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