Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance The following lists some items to perform on your website on a regular basis. Some items may not be relevant to your situation.

Backup Website
Backup the website regularly and keep a copy of it on your local computer.

Link Checking
Regularly verify that your outbound links are valid. The URLs of web pages may be changed by their owners, and these broken links need to be fixed on your website.

Update and add new content regularly, and keep it up to date. This will keep the website looking fresh and help with Search Engine Optimization. Be sure the content is checked for spelling and grammatical errors.

Update and add new images as needed. Consider compressing images to reduce their size. This will decrease the load time of the images.

Monitor and respond to any comments you receive on your website.

Products and Services
If you sell products or services, change pricing on the website when pricing changes.

When adding new forms to your website, test the forms to be sure they are working properly.

Contact Information
Keep contact information up to date - phone numbers, addresses, email address, etc.

Test all changes you make in multiple browsers.

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